Zombie XR – Arcade Augmented Reality Game for iOS 11 with ARKit or Android with ARCore

Zombie XR is a game in augmented reality, where you have weapons in your hands and you fight with zombies. You do not need presss bouttons to throw an ax. You can fight them waving the iPhone yourself, as you approaching the zombies.

By pressing the world change button in the main game interface, you can quickly switch between the real and non-real world.

The Game has four levels for now. each level has 40 zombies and a zombie boss.

The game features:

  • AR game play
  • Fighting with dragon
  • Crazy action battle
  • Intense battle with bosses
  • Finish moves
  • Special moves
  • Realistic effects
  • Slow motion
  • Bonus weapons
  • Develops skills of owning an ax
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Mode without a camera – if you can not find a place to play in the real world – turn on this mode and enter a completely different world
  • Cheat Code – this feature can be used absolutely for free! It is available in the main game menu when paused. With cheat code you can move around in space, while all 3D characters are frozen. So it helps a lot in a difficult moment, when you think that it’s already over!

Play everywhere, day or night in the open space or a room about 6×6 meters with out many obsticales in the way.
For dragon level it is recommended to have more then 20×20 meters of space.

For better performance we recomand a device running iOS11 and supporting ARKit.
Augmented reality works on all devices and versions of iOS (6DOF tracking) – now you can walk on levels without ARKit.


You won’t sit still!


  • Augmented Reality Update
  • Rocket Launcher as the main weapon – now you have it from the very beginning! It’s much more fun to play with it.
  • Added a button for changing the world in the main interface of the game. Now you can quickly switch between worlds.
  • A full augmented reality works on all devices and versions of iOS (6DOF tracking) – now you can walk on levels without ARKit.

Because of the blocking on Google Play, the application can only be downloaded from the site!